Chace Crawford, Chick Magnet

It was talent manager Eric Podwall’s birthday party, but Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford was the one receiving all the favors.

According to Page Six, Rumer Willis and Brittny Gastineau were all over Crawford at the bash, held at L.A. nightspot the Motley Bird Nest. “Rumer had the shortest jean shorts on, and walked in and immediately looked for him.”

Alas, the lantern-jawed fruit of Demi Moore’s loins wasn’t rewarded for her efforts. “He wouldn’t give her the time of day,” says the fly on the wall.

The former Gastineau Girls star, meanwhile, “told him they should hang out in New York,” but was similarly unsuccessful in scoring with Crawford.

Well, that’s not likely to quell those insinuations about Crawford trading more than just lines with his Gossip Girl costar Ed Westwick.

But maybe Chace’s chilly rebuff of the two Plain Janes is due to recent signs of romantic interest from Lauren Conrad. Getting the seal of approval from a Hills chick can go to a guy’s head.

Just ask this guy—if you can stand to get close enough to him.