Kimberly Stewart Feels the Wrath of Aniston

Kimberly Stewart Feels the Wrath of Aniston-photo

Remember how Jennifer Aniston seemed so lovestruck as she snapped photos in the wings at John Mayer's gig last weekend at the Hard Rock Calling concert? Well, she wasn't just taking pix of her honey for her Facebook page. She was maintaining surveillance on her man.

The Mirror reports that Aniston had a run-in with Kimberly Stewart, who knows John Mayer because...well, let's face it, John likes dating.

So Jennifer turned her whip on John, and he dutifully instructed security to toss the Rod Stewart spawn from backstage.

According to a witness, "Kim was pulled off the stage and escorted through the Hard Rock VIP tent with a face like thunder, shouting: 'Why doesn't he want me here? Is this because of her?' "

Jennifer should consider hiring an insecurity detail. You know, a team of trained individuals who make sure anything female within 50 feet of her boyfriend is immediately neutralized.



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  • ashleyn27xoxo

    Well maybe if Jennifer Aniston didnt date a whore she wouldnt have this problem. I mean I love her but if she cant hold on to Brad Pitt what the hell makes her think shes gonna be able to steer John Mayer away from his whorey ways lol

  • buzzgent

    Chris Crocker is full-on wearing dresses now?