Will Smith: Better Living Through Rutting

How does Will Smith balance his status as one of Hollywood’s most reliable box-office draws with an uncharacteristically stable Tinseltown marriage?

Surprise, it’s not the power of Xenu. The Hancock star revealed to Fox News’ “Pop Tarts” column that the key to his charmed life is “lots of sex. All the time, every day. Just lots of  sex keeps me goin’ good.”

Well, duh. Smith’s philosophy of success through sex is so all encompassing he can’t even get through an interview with a crusty, middle-aged male interrogator without indulging his unbridled libido.

If this acting thing ever peters out, Smith should consider touring the country, giving Tony Robbins-like seminars with his lovely wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, as a glands- hands-on assistant.

The Power of Positive Humping: coming soon to a Learning Annex near you!