Kurt Cobain Gets His Kicks from the Grave

Kurt Cobain Gets His Kicks from the Grave-photo

Hey, check out these killer shoes!

The whereabouts of Kurt Cobain's ashes might be a mystery, but Converse has released its special-edition Kurt Cobain Chuck Taylor sneakers, emblazoned with "doodlings drawn from the personal notebook" of the deceased Nirvana singer, who took his own life (or so they want us to believe) in 1994.

Available in both high- and low-top models, the canvas kicks run $49.95 a pair—a bit steep by Chuck T standards but a small price to pay to walk around with the offhand scribbles of a grunge poet wrapped around your feet.

And as soon as a certain someone's foot heals, she'll no doubt run out and buy a pair.



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  • cb007

    Happy Birthday Seal. I'm still clubbing with The Seals LOL LOve to you and Heidi. Great couple.

  • Stewart

    Man if Kurt was alive he'd be mighty f*cking pissed off about how the media has treated his wife! low

  • lana

    Courtney love hate press is so old. find something new to write about you pathetic talentless hack of a journalist!

  • flower

    He is a wonderful singer and man!!!

  • buzzbuddy

    Those are pretty sweet!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    HE shoulda used his Converse to plant his foot in Courtney Love's bum when he was alive.