Joel Madden Moonlights for Humanity

Musician. Father. And now, humanitarian missionary.

Good Charlotte vocalist Joel Madden will be raising his voice to bring attention to the maladies afflicting children in developing nations. The singer has been tapped by UNICEF to be its latest Goodwill Ambassador.

The appointment follows a video PSA that Madden and girlfriend Nicole Richie taped for UNICEF in May, calling for the public to contribute to victims of the Myanmar cyclone.

“UNICEF is the best organization for children worldwide—they truly make a difference,” Madden says of the organization. “Twenty-six thousand children die every day from preventable causes, my band performs before that many people regularly, so it’s a number I can wrap my head around.”

“It takes you about thirty seconds of conversation with Joel to realize that he is a true advocate for children,” notes UNICEF president and CEO Caryl Stern.

Well, no duh; his daughter, Harlow, has been alive for six whole months, and so far he’s protected the tot from any parental mishaps at the hands of her infamously party-friendly mom.