Pete Wentz Indulges in Some Baby Talk

Pete Wentz and wife Ashlee Simpson are having a baby, and Wentz says that he’s been talking to it.

According to People, Wentz read a book on parenting that urges the father to make contact with the unborn child via the wife’s burgeoning belly.

The Expectant Father tells you that the woman, when she speaks, the baby hears her all the time,” Pete says. “And the father’s voice isn’t familiar unless you talk to it, so I talk to it all the time.”

The book, by author Armin Brott, is among the many books that the semi-gay rock star is perusing in preparation for his impending fatherhood. And the child is apparently a boy.

“It tells you your partner’s moods month-by-month and week-by-week,” he says. “It tells you why you’re feeling the way you are, how you can feel more involved in the pregnancy.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you how to avoid your creepy father-in-law.

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