Rumer Willis to Bloggers: “Bite Me!”

Poor Rumer Willis. She didn’t ask for all this attention. After all, she only macks on actors in L.A. nightclubs, partakes in star-studded photo-shoots, and…

Well, okay. She did ask for all this attention. But that doesn’t mean she has to be happy about it.

The show-biz scion recently fumed to E! Online about the slings and arrows she’s suffered courtesy of the blogosphere.

“Everybody has an opinion, and we live in America, so you’re allowed to,” Willis declared during a press conference for her new movie, The House Bunny.

So how does Rumer cope with the blogging baddies who mock her appearance?

“As long as you are comfortable with who, you know, you really are, and your friends and the people that are around you know that, that’s all that really matters,” the 19-year-old opines.

Good for you, Rumer! Your measured take on things is an inspiration.

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