A-Rod’s Wife: Bitter Up!

Whoa; if vengefully spending your estranged husband’s dough was a sport, Cynthia Rodriguez would be an MVP.

A friend of New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez—who’s been embroiled in rumors that he’s been having an affair with Madonna—tells the New York Daily News that the slugger’s soon-to-be-ex-wife, Cynthia, went on a spiteful $100,000 spending spree in Paris shortly after announcing their separation last week.

The A-Rod pal claims that Cynthia—who officially filed for divorce in Miami yesterday—”had spa treatments [and] went to the best restaurants” during her jaunt, all on Alex’s dime. According to the source, Cynthia also flew the couples’ oldest daughter, Natasha Alexander, along with the girls’ godparents, out for the trip, splurging on first-class tickets for the entourage.

Since the couple’s separation last week, a number of bizarre allegations have emerged, including that Cynthia had hooked up with retro musician Lenny Kravitz—who, in yet another twist, used to date Madonna.

And there’s more to come. A source claims that Joslyn Morse—the Scores stripper with whom A-Rod made time during a Yankees road trip to Toronto—may be called in to testify before a judge, and Cynthia is reportedly gearing up for a claws-out custody battle over the couple’s two girls.

Of course, with the reported $275 million contract that he signed with the Yankees in December, Alex can afford to return the ex’s vitriol ten-fold. And every fan of celebrity dirt should pray nightly that he does.

If these guys want a shot at the Year’s Ugliest Divorce award, they’d better step up the sleaze.