Jesse McCartney Wants to Sex You Up

Brace yourselves; the unbridled eroticism of Jesse McCartney is about to be unleashed.

The 21-year-old singer recently told reporters that his new album, an R&B effort that edges up his image, might raise eyebrows among fans of his earlier, safer fare.

“I certainly knew there was going to be some shock value,” McCartney admitted. “Musically, I definitely took a risk; I took a chance. I wanted to do something new.”

Particularly scandalous is the video for “Leavin’,” a randy effort that doesn’t skimp on skin, both from Jesse and the model who romps in bed with him.

Of course, teen acts updating their images with a bit of adult-style sass seems to be the new thing these days. Don’t be surprised if McCartney attempts to further establish his adulthood by leaking nude pics of himself onto the Internet.

Brace yourselves…