Tell-All Is no Ray of Light for Madonna

As if Madonna didn’t already have enough personal drama to deal with, now she must contend with the impending tell-all book from her brother and onetime BFF, Christopher Ciccone, which will dredge up her past.

According to The Sun, among the juicy revelations in Life With My Sister Madonna will be her girl-on-girl spit-swapping sesh with Gwyneth Paltrow. The two were allegedly at a New Year’s Eve party thrown by Donatella Versace when the Material Matron grabbed Paltrow while table-dancing and full-on planted one on her.

The report goes on to say the classy tome will divulge info on Madge’s other lesbian flings, as well as reveal “how she took drugs with leading showbiz executives.”

It might be safe to assume that the already-estranged siblings will be crossing each other off the Christmas card list—well, unless there’s a big F-U written inside!