Winehouse and Lourdes: Fashion Face-Off

Oh no, they didn’t!

Madonna’s kid Lourdes Leon and musical crackhead Amy Winehouse were recently spotted wearing nearly identical outfits of black tops and red shorts. Don’t they know that celebrities are supposed to call each other in the morning before getting dressed, to avoid just such an embarrassing faux pas?

Lourdes was being escorted around town by her intensely brooding dad, Carlos Leon, while Amy was visiting—duh—a drug clinic.

Both maidens looked stunning in their ensembles, which are as practical as they are fetching. The shorts allow superior maneuverability in case Amy decides to chase after a stranger’s car like a dog that slipped its leash, or Lourdes needs to quick-step it when her dad slips into an uncontrollable rage.

But who rocked the outfit in the fiercest manner? Check in and let us know who you think won this round.