A-Rod Texts Madge And Lenny Kravitz Places Blame


A source close to Lenny Kravitz says that the singer was never having an affair with MLB player Alex Rodriguez’s estranged wife Cynthia Rodriguez and that the story was a tale invented by Lenny’s disgruntled former manager, Guy Oseary.

Dodd Romero is a fitness trainer who accompanied Cynthia Rodgriguez on her visit to Paris to see Kravtiz. He says that the singer was appalled when the media reported he was making time with Cynthia.

“Lenny looked like he was going to throw up,” Romero told the New York Post.

Romero states that Kravitz had recently fired Oseary after hearing from Dodd about Oseary’s alleged plan to out the very married (to other people) Madonna and Alex Rodriguez as a couple on the downlow. Kravitz reportedly told Romero that he would “take care of this” and fired Oseary.

Oseary managed Kravitz and is Madge and A-Rod’s current manager.

Romero claims that Oseary planted the story about Lenny and Cynthia’s supposed tryst in retaliation for being fired.

You know things are bad for the rich and famous when thier lives are imitating Gossip Girl.


Watch who your friend’s are, A-Rod.

Us Weekly’s new issue will contain quotes from a source in Rodriguez’s inner circle, claiming the Yankee was exchanging texts with the Material Matron six months ago. Cynthia Rodriguez’s lawyer must be chomping at the bit over this.

“He kept smiling, acting as if he was a little kid,” says the insider. “He told me it was Madonna. I was shocked. “By February A-Rod was telling his friend, “She’s my f***ing soulmate, dude.”

Whether any of it is true or not, this story keeps getting classier by the hour.