Amy Winehouse to Bodyguard: “Talk to the Hand!”

Now here’s something you won’t see the Madame Tussaud’s Amy Winehouse wax figure doing.

Having warmed up by walloping random barflies and one of her fans in Glastonbury recently, Wine-O has moved on to roughing up her own bodyguard.

According to British paper the Daily Mail, Amy unleashed five fingers of Winehouse fury on the poor security dude as she bustled past him last night like she was on her way to a 3-for-1 crack-rock sale.

Oomph; pretty harsh. But it does bring up an interesting point.

Amy’s apparently a pretty fair pugilist. And a decent sprinter.

Are these qualities normally associated with someone who’s reportedly at death’s door?

Clearly, Amy has discovered the secret to staying fit while indulging in gross excesses.

She should start her own workout empire, a la Billy Blanks.

Whatever she’s doing works for her. Imagine the miracles it could accomplish among people who don’t need biohazard warnings on their foreheads.