Balthazar Getty’s Marriage Ain’t Steady

Uh oh; looks like Brothers & Sisters star and Getty fortune heir Balthazar Getty might have some trouble on the domestic front.

The New York Post reports that his wife and mother of four kids, Rosetta, has decided to divorce him in light of rumors that he’s been seeing actress Sienna Miller.

And Balthazar didn’t make the decision any more difficult when he turned up in Italy—where his wife reportedly retreated to make the divorce arrangements—with Miller.

While Bathazar has steadfastly denied the affair, a Post source spotted Getty and the G.I. Joe actress dining at Le Sirenuse hotel on the Amalfi Coast this week.

“They were really rude, and Sienna kept smoking,” says the mole, adding that one couple asked to be moved because of the couple’s ill manners.

Effin’ genius move, guys; you’re trying to keep an affair on the downlow, but you not only essentially stalk the cheated-upon wife halfway around the world, but draw attention to yourselves with your public boorishness.

Just wait until Sienna’s estranged, enraged ex Rhys Ifans pulls his head out of the bottle long enough to track you down; an impending divorce will be the least of your troubles.