David Cook Is One Skecher Mofo

American Idol’s latest winner seems to be getting some kicks out of his newfound fame.

According to E! Online, David Cook has signed an endorsement deal with Skechers footwear to develop a casual shoe “that will reflect his personality, interests and appeal.”

Hmm; presumably, that means they’ll come pre-scuffed, and scented with a pheromone that attracts women of the genus cougar.

The bristly-faced troubadour will also appear on billboards and in print ads for the shoes through December 2009.

“I have always viewed Skechers as a cool company, so I am excited to be a part of their campaign,” Cook gushed about the agreement.

Fantastic! Now perhaps Skechers can sign up American Idol judge Paula Abdul to develop a shoe that matches her personality. It would probably have to be made of schizophrenic reversible fabric.

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