Fab Abs: Top 10 Male Celebrities

Fab Abs: Top 10 Male Celebrities-photo

As July progresses, the weather gets warmer and the tops come off! And, come on, who objects to seeing as many pictures of shirtless men as possible?

Whether they're at the beach, playing sports or just peeping out of their doors, these stomach-flexing Hollywood hunks are bound to get noticed.

Try not to weep tears of joy as you take a long look at these half-naked men, stacked in order of hot to smokin' hot (because there is never a category lower than hot when it comes to this gallery topic)! Who has the best abs? Give us your opinion both in the poll and under comments!



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  • ohcrap

    have you all seriously lost it ?? google supermodel Andre Birleanu and see really insane abs... this guy is a machine... i seriously believe you are not trully all about abs.... rather who's what.... Andre Birleanu by far has the best abs...

  • someone


  • Alice

    Hugh has best abs than others.He must be in first place¡¡ I

  • Marion

    Hugh has best abs than others.He must be in first place¡¡

  • veronica morales
    veronica morales

    You can find better picture of Hugh Jackman Besides, it is necessary to see the context as it is part of a body and harmonious THAT IS VERY

  • blondebomb33

    i'm drooling

  • buzzbuddy

    Oww Oww!! I'm loving this!