Kate Moss Is Single

It’s official: Kate Moss has dropped Kills frontman Jamie Hince like an errant hair extension.

British paper the Mirror reports that Hince moved out of Moss’ North London home after an argument about the company Jamie’s been keeping. (Yeah, like she’s one to talk. Didn’t she used to date this guy?)

“Kate made some comment about a girl who’d been hanging around Jamie and it deteriorated from there,” says the paper’s mole. “Just hours later, Jamie was packing his things and moving stuff out of her house.”

After Hince hit the bricks, Moss went to a High School Musical screening ratha than a Kills show she was expected to attend. Nonetheless, Jamie is holding out hope.

“He’s telling friends that it’s not a permanent split—it’s simply that he’s in the doghouse,” the source reveals.

Way to keep your chin up, jilted rocker dude! Just pretend that you can’t see Kate because she’s standing sideways.