Kirsten Dunst’s DJ Request: Kiss Me!

Kirsten Dunst has found herself a pretty entertaining way to battle her depression—one that doesn’t come in a pill bottle. The Spider-Man actress was spotted at New York’s Beatrice Inn in the wee hours of the morning on Monday making out with the DJ for the joint.

Matt Creed had been making a play for Kiki most of the evening, according to a Page Six spy. “She finally gave in and made out with him.” He spun her right round baby, right round. Like a record, baby. The guy must have a thing for hobo-chic starlets, having reportedly been romantically-linked to Mary-Kate Olsen in the past.

But that’s not the only passion Kirsten’s been exhibiting lately. Clearly, she’s got a pretty hot love affair going on with short shorts and it doesn’t look like it will be cooling down any time soon.

And by the way, this isn’t Matt in the pictures, just to clear up any confusion. But those  incredibly tiny shorts are very real.