Lindsay Lohan Wants Her Own ‘Umbrella’

Lindsay Lohan talked to People about her new album, and she’s citing Rihanna as one of the main influences. Just don’t get the boy haircut, Linds. It wouldn’t suit you.

“I want it to be dance,” she says. “I want it to be kind of Kylie Minogue-meets-Rihanna. I hope to tour with it and I hope to really promote it.”

Lohan doesn’t plan to explore her previous difficulties (booze, drugs, whorish parents, trying to get girlfriend Samantha Ronson to take that damn hat off) on her new album.

“I think the past is the past and it should be kept there,” Lohan adds. “It’s a new slate for me, and I want to show that in my new record.”

Lindsay says she has two songs finished, and is completing the third in New York City.

Impartial critic and mother Dina Lohan has heard some of her daughter’s new ditties and proclaims them “amazing.”

Linds’ younger sister Ali is also working on an album. In fact, Lindsay’s newly discovered half-sister is also supposedly working on an album.