Nick and Tony: Somebody Needs Boyfriend Lessons

One night, four celebs, and two very different approaches to coupledom.

Tony Romo hit the town with Jessica Simpson this week, while on the very same night, former Simpson husband Nick Lachey made the scene with lady love Vanessa Minnillo.

As the photos in the gallery attest, the quarterback and the former boy-bander have little in common as far as dating technique goes. Romo kept Jessica close at hand, gripping her mitt throughout the night, while Nick….well, Nick didn’t.

So who’s the more chivalrous gent of the two?

On one hand, Nick probably shouldn’t act like Vanessa has cooties, and making your woman walk three paces behind you at all times is probably a no-no outside of Middle Eastern countries.

Then again, Romo clinging to Jessica like a football when the blitz is on seems a little….clingy, and perhaps a desperate attempt to dispel lingering break-up rumors.

Readers, have your say! Who’s Goofus and who’s Gallant in this equation?