Pam Anderson’s Saucy Aussie Invasion

You’ve been cooped up in a house for 73 days with a bunch of housemates who are at least as obnoxious as you, and suddenly, the producers drop Pam Anderson into the mix.

Wow, these reality-TV shows get more brutal every season.

Fresh from her blow-out 41st birthday bash in Vegas  (well, maybe “fresh” isn’t the word), Pammy has settled down in the Gold Coast complex that’s serving as the filming location for the latest season of Big Brother Australia. It’s uncertain whether the show’s creators intended the three-day visit to be a treat for the long-cloistered cast, or the final straw that causes the weaker-willed participants to snap.

According to Australian Web site, the verdict was split among the castmates.

On one hand, Kylie and Jackie O characterized her as “the ultimate intruder,” while Cherry declared, “Dude, she is smokin’.”

Whoa; hope she’s not on fire. With the artificial body parts she’s harboring in her torso, the fumes could be toxic.