Victoria Beckham’s Airport Emergency

Victoria Beckham was traveling from Los Angeles to London on a jet with her two sons, Cruz and Romeo, when a bird derailed their trip. Flying into one of the engines of the plane, the bird caused something of an emergency when the airliner was forced to stop suddenly.

Passengers screamed, and fire-fighters sprayed the smoky brakes with foam. But that was nothing compared to the fashion red-alert that had just started for Posh, who was wearing airline-issued pajamas and no make-up.

Realizing she would have to re-enter the airport, Victoria quickly gave her face a fresh coat of paint and changed into more glamorous duds, such as which she is known for, in order to greet the paparazzi without looking like a slouch.

And her efforts paid off. The Spice Girl strutted through the airport with nary a hair out of place, her two young sons by her side in matching yellow polo shirts and jeans.

But nothing less is to be expected. It’s not like her name is Sloppy Spice.