Amy Winehouse’s Prison Bust-Out

Is there no end to Amy Winehouse’s talents? Brawler. Sprinter. Fashionista. Drug-smuggling genius. Miracle of medical science. Parenting coach.

And now, it turns out, she’s honing her stripper skills.

According to British paper the Sun, during a recent trip to London’s Pentonville prison to visit her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who’s currently awaiting sentencing for perverting the course of justice, a wobbly Wine-O engaged in a little perversion herself.

The paper reports that Winehouse pulled her top down and pressed her breasts against a glass partition while writhing lasciviously for Fielder-Civil’s supposed benefit.

“It was not a pleasant sight,” one visitor told the paper. “Amy seemed completely out of it.”

Well, duh; it’s Amy Winehouse.

Amy’s performance may not have received the thumbs-up from everybody, but perhaps she exposed another talent along with her breasts.

She could sign on with the Scared Straight program and flash criminally-inclined teens to warn them of the horrors that await them in the pen. Just watch the juvenile crime rate tumble to all-time lows.