Angelina Jolie to Have Her Babies on Tuesday!

Angelina Jolie is set to have a c-section on this coming Tuesday. Prepare to genuflect! Or not.

Jolie is currently ensconsed in the Lenval hospital in Nice, France, and sources says that her impending pregnancy has been making her a little cranky.

“She’s starting to feel that the staff are not attentive enough. She’s throwing fits if she rings and they don’t come quick enough,” a source told In Touch Weekly.

Angelina recently had hospital staff cover her room windows to prevent prying paps from snapping a photo of her burgeoning belly.

Angie also demanded salmon for lunch, despite the fact that the hospital doesn’t serve it.

“And I don’t mean asked—demanded. A staffer went out and bought some and it was made for her,” the source says.

She’s even reportedly squawking when there isn’t enough ice in her drinks. Hey, she’s carrying two human beings inside her until Tuesday. Cut her some slack.