It’s Casual Thursday for the ‘Gossip Girl’ Gang

OMFG? What’s this?

It’s Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley and Blake Lively taking their fashion sense down a notch or six from the usual dressed-to-the-nines Gossip Girl aesthetic!

The costars and stealth couple were cruising on foot the other day, dressed way down in a way that would surely have the series’ titular character blabbing to everybody.

Penn was decked out in a long-sleeve-collared-shirt-and-shorts ensemble that falls short of chic from similar ensembles all the rage with the male GG cast these days.

And Blake was looking Dullsville in a bland, baggy get-up that won’t keep her on People magazine’s Most Beautiful list for long.

Please, guys. Think of your fans. Think of Vanity Fair. Think of yourselves, for God’s sake. 

Before you know it, your celebrity-couple name is going to change from “Bladgley” to “Blah-dgley,” and then you might as well stroll the streets wearing a burlap sack and pushing a shopping cart. While hurling cats at total strangers. Because not even people who dress like this will hang out with you.

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