Jessica Simpson’s a Hard Habit to Break

Jennifer Aniston has had her hands full, trying to shoo away pesky women distracting John Mayer from her feminine wiles. She recently heaved Kimberly Stewart from backstage at John’s concert. And now, according to Page Six, the Friends star has found a bunch of love letters written to John by his ex, Jessica Simpson, stored in the cad’s guitar case.

The source dished, “The letters surprisingly were very touching and well written.” Well, Jessica might be goofy, but she does have a way with words in addition to other more obvious qualities.

So, no surprise that her current boyfriend, Tony Romo, is equally smitten with the Texan singer. At a recent Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe, when asked to name his number-one iPod pick, Romo responded with a smile, “Something by Jessica Simpson.”

Over the holiday weekend, Jessica was spotted in Seaside, Florida, running out of the Bud & Alley’s Restaurant with Tony chasing behind. According to a witness, “She didn’t stop until she got to the other side of the street and ran into a sign for the post office.”

That Jessica. She has a way of stumbling crazily and knocking her teeth right into a man’s heart.