Selma Blair’s Career Has Legs

Whoa; and people thought that Selma Blair’s ultra-busty turn as Caprice Stickles in 2004’s A Dirty Shame was steamy.

The Cruel Intentions actress appeared on MTV’s TRL this week to promote the upcoming Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and she didn’t need her character’s fire-manipulating powers to heat up the joint.

Her outfit may not put her at the top of any best-dressed lists, but it definitely showed off a pair of gams that Verne Troyer could spend a lifetime climbing.

That’s one way for a 36-year-old actress who’s been off the radar for a while to get back in the public eye.

Another way would be to smoke a bunch of crack, cover herself in mayonnaise, chain herself to the Washington monument and set her hair on fire. But this is probably better.

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