Tara Reid Back in Her Natural Environment

Tara Reid, the ultimate party girl beloved by bloggers everywhere, recently emerged from a relatively low-key profile to do what she does best: stumbling out of the club after a night of hard-partying.

The self-admitted plastic surgery victim double-fisted by hitting up two parties in one night. First, the American Pie actress made her way to the Hale Bob clothing line’s Summer of Love event. Later in the evening, she swung by Falcon in Hollywood to help celebrate the birthday of Daniel Bohbot, designer and creator for the line.

Falcon is the club where Paris Hilton infamously stepped out for lesbian night with Brittny Gastineau, sparking rumors of the socialite’s possible bi-curiosity. One thing’s for sure, the attractive brunette by Tara’s side can do way better than ol’ Taradise.

Hey Tara, be careful, or you’ll end up like the Ghost of Christmas future over here.