Vanessa Hudgens’ Nude Pics Aren’t for Stupid People

Vanessa Hudgens is still on the world domination trail, and in a radio interview she revealed the naked truth about how “stupid people” leaking her nude photos last year affected her.

“I think people thought I took it lighter than I really did,” the 19-year-old High School Musical star told Good Morning America Radio. “For me, it was really tough because I’m a private person and for something like that to happen, it’s so mean.”

Yeah, you meanies! Didn’t your mother teach you that if a world-famous Disney teen wants to strip for her camera phone, you’d should be polite about it?

“My fans were amazing because they have stood by my side,” V-Hud continued. “I just surround myself with good people and try to think of good things.”

There’s certainly one person who might have saved those pics for those sad and lonely times.

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