Ali Lohan’s New Single Is Selling Like…

Ali Lohan’s new single has been released to the Internet. It’s called “All The Way Around,” and Ali says she’s showing off a “hip-hop vibe.” If by hip-hop you mean “that music you hear in the background of the My Little Pony game for the Nintendo DS.”

Anyone who has been watching E!’s Living Lohan will recognize the tune. A recent episode, in which desperate to “set the record straight” Dina Lohan tries to frantically shepherd Ali to stardom, featured the trials and tribulations of getting an easily-distracted-by-lip-gloss 14-year-old Ali to record it in Las Vegas.

Lil’ Lohan says that she doesn’t mind comparisons to tween superstar Miley Cyrus, but she feels that her output is a lot different. Miley sings about positivity and believing in yourself, and Ali sings about her boos who have done her wrong and how she had to collect herself in the hair supply shop. Ali’s street, yo!

“She’s really good,” Ali tells PEOPLE. “But I have different music than her. It’s a different vibe—it’s definitely a different vibe. Mine is more hip-hop. Kind of like Rihanna.”

It’s funny that Ali cites Rihanna as an influence, because her older sis Lindsay Lohan does too. Will both their albums sound similar when they debut? And will this mean they will both be wearing train station conductor hats when they perform? All aboard!