Ashley Tisdale Cries Easily

The High School Musical cast sure is an emotional group.

First, frizzy-coiffed Corbin Bleu admitted to getting a little choked up while filming HSM 3’s final scene.

Now Ashley Tisdale says that she, too, was touched by the poignant experience.

“We went into the last day thinking, ‘It’ll all be fine ’cause we’re all really good friends and we’re so close,'” Tisdale told MSNBC. “We couldn’t even get through it. We were crying and just so emotional over the whole thing.”

Some people would call that sappy. But in an age when twenty-somethings roam the streets with cold, homicidal looks in their eyes, it’s refreshing to know that some young people are in touch with their emotions.

In fact, it’s difficult to even write this post without misting up.

Of course, not everyone can afford to wipe their tears away with $1,000 bills.