Getting the Poop on Lily Allen

Some people use tea leaves to divine the future. In the case of Lily Allen’s recently resuscitated relationship with Chemical Brother Ed Simons, let’s use another substance: Dog droppings.

Celebuzz reported yesterday that Lily’s on-again boyfriend Simons was on dog-walking duty with Allen’s new pooch and conjectured, “If he was scooping up after it, that’s real love.”

Well, it appears that Lily may have received a bad omen this afternoon.

As the chanteuse made her way to her car, a dollop of doggie doo-doo was clearly visible on the sole of her shoe.

Had Simons failed to scoop, and thus revealed his less-than-serious intentions with Allen?

Poor Lily. She dyes her hair. She flashes her knockers for the camera. She gets uncontrollably plowed at social events. And yet, true love remains as elusive to her as fame beyond MySpace cult fandom.

Unless this guy was the culprit. Then all bets are off.

Dang, this fortune-telling thing is hard work. Messy, too.

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