Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong Drop in to See Levi

Kate Hudson (looking very much like her mom Goldie Hawn) and her newest paramour Lance Armstrong paid a visit to her frequent rom-com co-star Matthew McConaughey and his new son, Levi Alves McConaughey, at UCLA Medical Center.

Hopefully Kate and Lance remembered to thank Matty for not naming the kid “Bud Draft,” “Corn Dog” or “Tractor Pull.” Matthew’s older brother, Rooster, named his own son Miller Lyte after his favorite brand of beer. Yeehaw!

Kate and her spandex-enthusiast boyfriend have been very public with their relationship, and were recently photographed canoodling on the tennis court. In front of her suicidal ex, Owen Wilson. That is not 30-Love.

McConaughey’s son with purse designer girlfriend Camila Alves was born on Monday. Mother and son appear to be doing just fine. The kid is already hooking his feet off the end of the bed doing stomach curls.