Kelly Osbourne Dating Samantha Ronson?

Here’s Kelly Osbourne leaving SUR restaurant in L.A. with Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend (we can just call it that now, right? It’s time.) Samantha Ronson.

The pale fashionista has apparently taken it upon herself to invade Lez Lohan’s turf. There’s a bitch brawl a brewin’! Freckled and boozy actress vs. pale and snotty reality show veteran!

Okay, that’s not Samantha Ronson. That’s Kelly’s new boyfriend Luke Worrell. But you can’t say that the fey youngster doesn’t bear a striking resemblance to a certain porkpie-hat wearing DJ from the Isle of Lesbos.

The question is, will Luke Worrell be willing to go on ridiculous theme park rides in full view of the paparazzi like Samantha does for Lindsay?

And will he be willing to lose the hat? Samantha did. Then again, it was Lindsay’s birthday.