Newly Single Miley Is Super Smiley

Leave it to Miley Cyrus to live up to her word. The saying “Nobody’s perfect” has been uttered out of her very own mouth, in her very own song, and now she has yet another reason to fall back on the fact that “everybody makes mistakes.” 

Only two months after being criticized for agreeing to a topless photoshoot, another racy photo has emerged of Miley and her boy, Tom Sturges.

The husky-voiced actress, who was in Malibu filming a Hannah Montana segment, made a pit stop at Starbucks yesterday. She must’ve needed the caffeine to sustain her while she deals with the consequences of her most recent slip-up. Because the gum-smacking surely drains energy twice as fast.

Now rumor has it that Miley dumped Sturges, along with her scandal-ridden past, to get back on track with her clean Disney image. Does this sound like a shocker to anyone else? Since when have young rebellious stars wanted people to think of them as… innocent?

This Hollywood starlet may just be making a return to the squeaky clean. It’s either that or she wanted to get out first—before Sturges realized he’s too humble for her.