The Nicole Richie Story Comes to TV—Sort of

Rejoice, trash-TV junkies; Nicole Richie’s almost-biography The Truth About Diamonds is being turned into a television show!

The 2005 novel is a coming-of-age tale about 20-something Chloe Parker. Chloe was adopted by a famous musician at the age of seven. She grows up into a young adult who hangs out on the elite Hollywood party circuit and gets into scrapes with the law.

Sound familiar?

Though the former Simple Lifer says she would “definitely produce and definitely be in the show,” she doubts that she will star.

“I’ve got a lot going on right now,” Richie says.

Sure; between receiving Mother of the Year awards and not getting married, Nicole barely has time to get into brawls with Las Vegas chippies, let alone carry a series.

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