Winner vs. Loser: Pete and Ashlee and A. Rod

In the past, the Simpson family has had more than their share of heartbreak and embarrassment, but Ashlee Simpson has proved that bad luck runs out eventually. Since the super short engagement, fairy-tale marriage, and pregnancy announcement, her and hubby Pete Wentz have been making everyone sick with confusion jealousy. Lucky for them, there’s nothing but happiness to report on the home front:

  • Ashlee’s at peace with her bulging belly and looking more fashionable than ever.
  • It’s rumored to be a fall out boy, hopefully with his daddy’s eyes.
  • Pete is getting plenty of multi-tasking practice: jetting to Vegas and perfecting his technique in a matter of days!
  • And to prove himself even more, he talks to his kid every night. Poor Jessica.

Alex Rodriguez seemingly had it all. The many-million dollar contract, gorgeous wife, and…Madonna? In the past week, his life has been hit harder than a cracked baseball bat, and it might take quite some time to remove the splinters:

  • As Celebuzz pointed out last week, Madonna and A-Rod, are, like, together???
  • Soon to be ex-wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, blew some revenge cash and probably got some booty in the same trip!
  • “She’s my f***ing soulmate, dude.” Aww, A-Rod’s in L-O-V-E! Too bad she’s writing a much different tale.