How to Live Like… Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria knows what it means to live the Hollywood lifestyle. The 33-year-old actress (who is currently in Italy with hubbie Tony Parker) not only lives a life of glamour and stardom, she’s also happily married, might be with child and a successful actress to boot. So what’s her secret? Celebuzz digs up the dish on how to live like Eva!


Eva has a contract with L’Oreal, and she uses a ton of their products. She also loves using the Shu Uemura liquid liner in black and the Luxe Black false lashes when she goes out at night. Her unique L’Oreal lipstick shade is “Toffee,” which matches her gorgeous skin tone type perfectly. 


Eva says focusing on her health is more important than her body, and she recommends all women getting regular checkups, blood tests and mammograms. However, she does worry about “gravity taking its toll” on her booty; so she goes on frequent jogs with friends in the Hollywood Hills to keep in shape. Her personal trainer, Patrick Murphy, says he never allows her to do the same workout twice in a row, to keep it interesting. 


Like all celebs, well, most of them, Eva also watches what she eats. Her diet is composed mostly of vegetables and fish, and she drinks a lot of water throughout the day. But everyone has that guilty pleasure when it comes to food! In an interview with Parade Magazine, she revealed that her secret indulgence is Mexican cuisine, especially barbeque beef and brisket. 


When she’s not busy modeling or spending time on the set of Desperate Housewives, Eva is often seen at her her husband’s basketball games (Tony plays for the NBA San Antonio Spurs, as well as being part of France’s national team). As a shopaholic, Eva loves buying new clothes, and she is often found in stores like Armani, Bebe and Harrods. She also goes on fun trips with Tony and relaxes at her restaurant in Los Angeles, Beso.


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