Angelina Jolie’s Twins Get Feted By The Mayor

The mayor of Nice, Christian Ferosi, made an official proclamation of the births of Angelina Jolie’s twins on Sunday afternoon in France. Jesus Christ didn’t have this much hubbub.

Mayor Ferosi took to the steps of the Lenval Fondation hospital, waving the birth certificates of Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline.

“It’s a pride to Nice and all its citizens,” Ferosi said at 3:24 p.m. as he entered the hospital to sign the certificates.

The certificates reveal that Knox was born at 6:27 pm on July 12, with his sister following one minute later.

Ferosi also managed to remind the public that the adopted babies are going to come first anyway. Just ask Shiloh.

“I also congratulate the four brothers and sister of the newborns who are real ‘Niçois’ [citizens of Nice],” the mayor said. After which he began selling tickets to his “Angelina and Brad Star Tour Of Nice.”