Cynthia Scurtis Rodriguez: Who is she?

Cynthia Rodriguez has had a lot of negative press lately with a divorce filed due to alleged affairs from her husband, Yankee’s third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

But who is Cynthia exactly? After living in the shadow of her husband for so long, Celebuzz decided to dog up some background on A-Rod’s self-proclaimed “#1 Fan.”

Cynthia Scurtis grew up in a strict religous Greek Orthodox home in the wealthy suburb of Coconut Grove, Florida, near Miami. She went to high school at Gulliver Prep School where she played volleyball and was a cheerleader. Follwing her high school sweetheart, Cynthia went to Ohio State University where she received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

After graduating, Cynthia went back to Coconut Grove to teach high school psychology at her alma mater while attending Nova Southeastern University to get her masters in the same subject.

It was during this time she met her future husband. Cynthia was on the stairmaster at Body and Soul Gym in Coconut Grove when Alex approached her. She said no to him many times before finally giving in to a date with the baseball player, who was batting for the Seattle Mariners at the time. They kept things casual for a while because he was traveling, and because her family didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t Greek.

During their first years dating, Cynthia told USA Today that she had no qualms about other women because, “all you have to do is know him to trust him.”

After nearly 6 years, Alex popped the question on Cynthia’s 30th birthday. The two were married on November 2, 2002. In 2003 she helped reunite Alex with his father and long-lost brother.

On November 18, 2004 Natasha Alexander was born to the couple. According to Cynthia’s Myspace page, “Alex has taken up fatherhood just as naturally as he takes up baseball. Next to baseball, she’s his true joy in life.”

Well, at least Cynthia always knew that baseball would be #1 to Alex.

On May 27, 2007 Alex was spotted out in Toronto with former Playboy model Joslyn Noel Morse, and photos ran on May 30 in the New York Post. Cynthia blamed the paparazzi, and was scene later at a Yankees game with a tank top that read “F–k you” on the back.

When their second daughter, Ella Alexander  was born on April 21 of this year, Alex missed her delivery by 10 minutes. Rumors say that Alex only stayed for 15-20 minutes and then left to go back to New York where he attended a benefit hosted by Madonna.

On July 1, rumors started circulating that Madonna and Alex were having an affair. Both A-Rod and Madge denied the reports. On July 2, it was reported that Cynthia and Alex had separated over problems in their marriage.The next day held rumors that Cynthia was having an affair herself with Lenny Kravitz, which both parties have also denied. By July 7, Cynthia had filed for divorce, after an alleged $100,000 shopping spree in Paris.

The divorce papers said, “The marriage of the parties is irretrievably broken because of the Husband’s extra marital affairs and other marital conduct,” and Cynthia’s lawyers said the reason was not due to a physical affair between Alex and unnamed women, but rather because of emotional infidelities.

Over the weekend, Cynthia and Alex reunited in Toronto along with daughter Natasha, and the couple were spotted holding hands fueling rumors of a reconciliation.

According to Alex’s attorney, that might not be out of the picture.

“Alex and Cynthia are going through really difficult times,” he said. “All of their decisions are going to be based upon what’s in the best interest of their daughters.”