Kate Moss’ Breasts Have Bad Timing

There seems to be a glut in the topless-celebrity market this week.

No sooner do these photos of Sienna Miller cavorting sans bikini top with Balthazar Getty pop up, than shots of a breast-baring Kate Moss off the coast of Italy with her new mystery man surface.

Normally, either find would be a cause for celebration, but there can be too much of a good thing.

Two eyes, two breasts. There’s a reason for this perfect ratio in the human anatomy.

Upset that delicate balance, and people get confused. They’ll be apt to freak out, and do goofy things like this.

So please, ladies; call each other up next time you’re thinking of going topless. Make sure your schedules don’t conflict. Unless you’re these two sisters; in which case, go right ahead.

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