Katy Perry Defends Her Gym Class Hero

“I Kissed A Girl” singer Katy Perry is defending her boyfriend, Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy, after his third-degree assault arrest last week for hitting an audience member during a concert.

“There are definitely two sides to every story,” Perry, 23, said to Us Magazine.com.

McCoy recently gave her a ring as “a token of commitment and affection.”

“We all learn from everything; so I’m a ‘stand by your man’ type-of-girl,” she added.

Travis whooped some ass after an audience member called him a (brace yourselves, and take the children away from the laptop) “f*cking ignorant n**ger.”

According to Rolling Stone.com, McCoy broke his microphone over the man’s head, then told the audience: “I’m sorry. But when someone calls you something that ignorant and that offensive, you have to bash their head in with a microphone.”

So we can assume he’s pleading guilty?