Miley Cyrus: Ashley Tisdale Has Her Back

No stranger to helping a friend through an awkward photo scandal, Ashley Tisdale recently met up with the newly single Miley Cyrus for a little shopping spree. Having bid a tearful goodbye to the High School Musical cast, what better way for Ashley to spend her quality time than with fellow Disney Channel tween idol Miley?

Miley is embroiled in yet another racy photo scandal with pictures of the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star circulating on the Internet. The pictures were allegedly hacked from Miley’s iPhone and feature Cyrus showing off her midriff and wearing a drenched white t-shirt in the shower. In another shot, she sports a necklace that reads, “Nick J.”  In reference to her purported ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas?

Perhaps this mysterious “hacker” is the same person who started this nasty little rumor