Naomi Campbell Displays Model Behavior—For Once

Model, difficult traveler and personal assistant’s nightmare Naomi Campbell allowed to cavort in a hospital full of newborns?

Campbell and fellow professional clotheshorse Tyson Beckford were in Nigeria for the This Day Music and Fashion Festival 2008 yesterday.

The pair dropped by the Island Maternity Hospital in Lagos  to visit babies and, in Campbell’s case, do some much-needed image polishing.

While at the facility, the pretty-faces distributed six sacks full of presents to the new and expecting moms.

Seriously, unless those presents included gold-plated diamonds wrapped in bacon, they don’t come close to making up for the pain that Campbell has inflicted on the world.

Hopefully the hospital took precautions. Naomi would need a tenth of a second to lean over a cradle and snap an infant’s head off with her jaws—if she could just create a distraction among the orderlies.

You’d be better off placing your kids’ lives in the hands of this chick.