Pete Wentz Wants It Harder on Next Album

You already knew Pete Wentz was AC/DC, but now he’s saying the next Fall Out Boy album will actually sound like AC/DC.

The bassist and occasional UFC DJ spoke of working on the band’s riff-heavy record to Rolling Stone: “I’ll go over to Patrick [Stump]’s house and he’ll kind of just sit there and play songs, and I’ll be like, ‘Ah, that one’s awesome!’ ”

Just don’t expect any of this awesomeness to to be about changing diapers or his marriage to Ashlee Simpson. “I think that it’s kind of blown out of control,” says the impeccably coiffed Pete, “that people expect us to have a happy fairy tale record or something.”

Even with Pete withholding the fairy dust, this epic new set will be best listened to while squeezing a tube of Smashbox liquid guyliner.