Set Your Sights on ‘Twilight’

If you live under a rock or are happily contributing to the world’s illiteracy rate, here’s one phenomenon that might’ve passed you by.

This week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story is on Twilight. The feature film is being adapted from a cult fave book series that is rivaling Harry Potter in popularity. And natch, series author Stephanie Meyer is being touted as “the second coming of J.K. Rowling.”

Harry Potter movie-alum Robert Pattinson was even wrangled into playing the the male lead, vampire Edward Cullen. His object of bloodthirsty affection, Kristen Stewart, was singled out by Vanity Fair as one of Hollywood’s Next Wave.

Rounding out the cast is Peter Faccinelli, who’s probably just high-fiving his wife, Jennie Garth, for having a double-income household again.