Sienna Miller’s Topless Thriller

Looks like the cat’s out of the bag—and a couple of things are out of the bikini top.

Rumors have been growing that Sienna Miller—who recently split with  Rhys Ifans—had hooked up with Brothers & Sisters star/oil heir Balthazar Getty.

Despite Getty’s adamant denials, photos of the couple vacationing together in Positano, Italy, indicate otherwise.

First of all, they are vacationing together. As Getty’s wife, Rosetta, prepares divorce arrangements.

Secondly, Sienna’s topless, and leaning in close to Balthazar either for a peck on the cheek or a few whispered sweet nothings.

Uh-oh; Sienna’s rage-filled ex Rhys is probably doing some drunk shadow-boxing right now, while his assistant books his flight to Italy.

Of course, with Sienna’s pro-nudity track record in her films, it’s possible that these nipple-exposing poses are preparation for an upcoming role. Right?