Alex Rodriguez and Ingrid Casares: All-Star Players?

Alex Rodriguez, who’s currently heading to divorce court partly due to allegations that he’s been having an affair with Madonna, threw a pre-All Star game party at New York’s Club 40/40 last night.

Who appeared to be his guest of honor?

Miami nightclub owner and former Madonna BFF Ingrid Casares.

Described in Madge bro Christopher Ciccone’s tell-all book as a yes-woman who acted as Madonna’s “slave,” Casares made the initial introduction between the singer and the Yankees slugger.

Has Rodriguez stopped trying completely? Why doesn’t he just rent commercial time on the All-Star game so he can lick Madonna’s biceps in front of a national audience and end the speculation once and for all?

At least it’s clear that he’s not having an affair with Casares. She doesn’t seem his type, given that she’s not built like a Russian bodybuilder.