Lindsay and Ali Lohan: A Scowling Resemblance

Wow, it really does look like Ali Lohan is following in her big sister’s footsteps!

Check out the eerily similar grimaces on the 22-year-old Labor Pains star’s face and her 14-year-old little sibling’s. Amazing, isn’t it?

It’s hard to imagine why the two would be glowering. After all, they only have a jailbird dad who blabs to the press about their personal matters. And a megalomaniacal mom who pushes her family’s warts into the public eye to snatch a taste of fame for herself.

Besides, anyone who wakes up to this every morning won’t need a jackhammer to knock the smile off of her face, right?

Never mind DNA tests; if Michael Lohan really wants to know if that suspected love child is his, all he has to do is get her to frown.

Which shouldn’t be much of a task for him.