Lindsay Lohan’s Little Sister Speaks!

Ashley Kaufmann—who claims to be the offspring of embattled celeb patriarch Michael Lohan—made an appearance on The Insider to talk about her rightful place among the Lohan clan.

With her mother Kristi looking oddly like a ventriloquist at her side, the 13-year-old tossed out a dis to her apparent pops, declaring, “I would love to meet my siblings. I’d love that, but not with [Michael Lohan].”


Meanwhile, Kristi affirmed that their decision to go public is about making Papa Lo responsible for his actions.

“It’s not about the fame,” Ma Kaufmann claims. “It never has been. It’s not about Lindsay being Lindsay.”

Right; that’s why Ashley pointed out that Michael “said he could put me in little parts in movies.” And also why she’s been hinting that she’d like a record deal.

Only a paternity test will tell if Ashley is truly Michael Lohan’s kid. But she’s apparently inherited his sense of opportunism.